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Saturday, August 28, 2010

My favorite guitar

My first guitar was a crappy strat copy which in hindsight i paid way too much for ($300), it was ok for a beginner but once i had been playing for a few months i started to realize how bad it was. so i started shopping around for a new guitar.

Back when i was learning guitar the only way i could access the internet was at school on a slow connection, and i didn't really have the knowledge or experience to shop online so i had to buy my guitar from a bricks and mortar music store. at the time there was only one in my town and looking back, their prices were a bit high.

One day after school my mom took me to have a look at what they had, I walked into the store and the first thing that caught my eye was a bright yellow ibanez RG550.

i was mesmerized by this very vibrant color, i picked it up and started to play and fell in love instantly. the neck was beautifully thin and the tremolo stayed in perfect tune.

Since then i have bought many guitars, but none will compare to my beautiful yellow RG.

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