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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TS7 Tube Screamer to TS808 Specs

There are several interesting things about the TS7. First of all the circuit is nearly identical to the TS9. Why do I say nearly? The circuit has a Hot mode and the parts are 1/8 watt in general instead of the 1/4 watt used in the TS9. There should be little argument that the wattage of the resistor affects tone. The Hot mode switched can be set to the TS9 mode and *puff* you have a TS9. At about 1/2 the cost! Here are some other interesting things. The new TS7 comes with the re-issue JRC4558D chip. So if someone is charging you to install a JRC4558D chip in the pedal BEWARE!!!!

     1.  PARTS: You'll need a 10kohm resistor, a 100 ohm resistor, a soldering iron, and some solder. 

  1. Open your pedal by taking out the four screws on the bottom. Remove the bottom cover and put it off to one side. Be careful not to lose the spring that will fall out of the switch end of the pedal.

  1. Remove the two screws holding the large circuit board to the pedal chassis. 

     4.  Carefully lift the large circuit board out of the chassis. The power adapter end will be connected to another board underneath. Pull gently to 'unplug' the large board from the smaller one.

    5.  Locate the small circuit board next to the output jack and remove the two screws holding it to the pedal chassis. The output jack is soldered to this board so when you pull it out you will also have the jack out of the chassis.

    6.  Replace the resistor labeled R58 (the blue circle) with your 10kohm resistor and replace the resistor labeled R55 (the yellow circle) with your 100 ohm resistor.

The green arrow points to the JRC4558D chip mentioned earlier. 

    7.  That's it. Screw everything back together and you've got a modern TS808 Tube Screamer.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

BOSS DS-1 Distortion Mods By Keeley Effects The SEEING EYE MOD

These are the mods that i will be doing to my Boss DS-1 once it arrives,  Mostly they try to give the pedal a more high fidelity sound and make it a little more tube like by use on one LED in the clipping section instead of two (commonly seen as a mod).  

C1, C5, C12change to 0.1uF  metal film (104)    C2,  C8, C9,  C14 change to 1uF metal film (105)    C7 220pf silver mica or monolithic

In the DS-Ultra mod you change C11 to a 0.047uF metal film or better and lower R13 to 2.4Kohm. As well as changing C3 and C13 to 0.1Uf metal film or better.

D5 change to 3mm red led , In the D-Ultra mod we switch in another LED in series with D4.

R39 20K    R14 1.5K    R35 2.4K if you change the power LED to a 5mm Yellow LED

Add 47pf cap across clipping diodes, see second picture little green dot in the center.    7/64 drill bit needed to drill out 3mm LED for the SEEING EYE PART!

Boss DS-1

Today i purchased a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal on ebay for $40.

It will be a few days before i receive it, but when i do i plan to modify it, and in preparation i will be posting tutorials on DIY modding guitar pedals.

check back soon for more.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

Please go and see Scott pilgrim vs the world, it is an awesome movie and it is a huge shame that it is doing so poorly at the box office.


This morning i went and checked out a few yard sales and i found this 1996 RG270 in Planet Green. it was only $30 so i grabbed it.

It was in pretty bad condition, covered in mold and dust. but i cleaned it up and now it looks just like new.

It doesn't play as well as my MIJ RG550, but for a $30 guitar this thing rocks.

Paul Gilberts new instrumental album 'Fuzz Universe'

1. Fuzz Universe Listen
2. Olympic Listen
3. Count Juan Chutrifo Listen
4. Bach Partita in Dm Listen
5. Blue Orpheus Listen
6. Will My Screen Door Stop Neptune Listen
7. Propeller Listen
8. Don t Rain on My Firewood Listen
9. Plastic Dracula Listen
10. Blowtorch Listen
11. Mantra the Lawn Listen
12. Batter Up  Listen


Neck Material: 3pc Maple
Neck Type: Wizard II
Body: Basswood body
Frets: Jumbo frets
Fingerboard: Maple
Inlay: Black dot inlay
Bridge: Edge III bridge
NeckPU: INF3
MiddlePU: INFS3
BridgePU: INF4
HW Color: BK
Finishes: SLB, YE

20th Aniversary RG550

My favorite guitar

My first guitar was a crappy strat copy which in hindsight i paid way too much for ($300), it was ok for a beginner but once i had been playing for a few months i started to realize how bad it was. so i started shopping around for a new guitar.

Back when i was learning guitar the only way i could access the internet was at school on a slow connection, and i didn't really have the knowledge or experience to shop online so i had to buy my guitar from a bricks and mortar music store. at the time there was only one in my town and looking back, their prices were a bit high.

One day after school my mom took me to have a look at what they had, I walked into the store and the first thing that caught my eye was a bright yellow ibanez RG550.

i was mesmerized by this very vibrant color, i picked it up and started to play and fell in love instantly. the neck was beautifully thin and the tremolo stayed in perfect tune.

Since then i have bought many guitars, but none will compare to my beautiful yellow RG.


Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. i am new to this sort of thing so dont expect anything too professional.

What this blog is about

I have been playing ibanez guitarz for 10 years and absolutely love everything about them, this page was created to discuss everything ibanez.