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Sunday, August 29, 2010

BOSS DS-1 Distortion Mods By Keeley Effects The SEEING EYE MOD

These are the mods that i will be doing to my Boss DS-1 once it arrives,  Mostly they try to give the pedal a more high fidelity sound and make it a little more tube like by use on one LED in the clipping section instead of two (commonly seen as a mod).  

C1, C5, C12change to 0.1uF  metal film (104)    C2,  C8, C9,  C14 change to 1uF metal film (105)    C7 220pf silver mica or monolithic

In the DS-Ultra mod you change C11 to a 0.047uF metal film or better and lower R13 to 2.4Kohm. As well as changing C3 and C13 to 0.1Uf metal film or better.

D5 change to 3mm red led , In the D-Ultra mod we switch in another LED in series with D4.

R39 20K    R14 1.5K    R35 2.4K if you change the power LED to a 5mm Yellow LED

Add 47pf cap across clipping diodes, see second picture little green dot in the center.    7/64 drill bit needed to drill out 3mm LED for the SEEING EYE PART!


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  3. nice to view some content about electronics, i used to hand solder that shit on pcb's, was a bitch,

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