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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boss OD-2 part 1

Lately i have been searching ebay hoping to find cheap effects pedals, last week i found a Boss OD-2 overdrive that looks like it has seen better days.

the guy wanted $50 for it which i thought was a bit too much, the same pedal in decent condition sells for about $80-$90 usually but that is a artificial average price as they almost always are sold "Buy it now" and never go for auction.

anyway, i offered the guy $25 but her never accepted or declined, the listing ended with my offer being the only one. i contacted the guy after and told him i was still interested.

2 days later i got a reply saying that if i am willing to pay $35 it is mine.

i accepted but he hasnt got back to me yet.

The pedal is missing a couple of knobs, which i cant seem to find replacement of. so i am probably going to have to use plain black ones. the permanent marker should come off easily and the seller assures me that it is in good working condition.

More to come.....

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